The Beat Daddys
Delta Vision
CD review

Lex Gunther
Beat Street

This is the real stuff. The Beat Daddys get it and they ain't afraid to show it. The CD "Delta Vision" explores life and love while featuring "the American Eric Clapton" on guitar.
Upfront but with style, the songs and lyrics of Larry Grisham meld
seamlessly with the outrageous yet smooth as cotton hammer licks of the great Britt Meacham.
"Can't Be Satisfied" says it all because these guys hold nothing back.
"Somebody's Waiting" borrows from gospel music as it  builds and explodes with passion. Grisham's intense vocals backed up by  Meacham's enlightening guitar work express a truly delta state of mind.
"Luna Blue" wanders through deep woods before finding Britt Meacham under a large magnolia absolutely howling at the moon. 
Rooted in real life and dead set on uplifting, the music of The Beat Daddys' will stick to  you, like gumbo to the ribs.
"After The Mystery" is as funky as it is honest. The late Bob Greenlee with crisp, pulsating bass, pushes the  whole band deep in the voodoo. "Phone call from Jackson can't clear up the haze, are you comin' to visit for the holidays?"
My favorite track is the title track, "Delta Vision." Everything you ever
wanted or needed to know about music is all right there in the line, "the
music gives us delta vision." The Beat Daddys certainly see it all and with Delta Vision they get busy paying tribute to what they have witnessed. The mojo is workin', definitely. Check them out at